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Harper’s Trail Silver Mane Block Riesling 2020

Harper’s Trail Silver Mane Block Riesling 2020,

A Kamloops wine and winery review that is part of a series celebrating the growth of BC Wine.

The Harper’s Trail Estate Winery and the Thadd Springs Vineyard are located along the South Thompson River between the city of Kamloops and Monte Creek. Nestled among the hills topped by the hoodoos in the beautiful semi-arid desert region of the BC Interior, Harper’s Trail produces a wonderful variety of wines which I have enjoyed at home, wine tastings and various events.

Over the last few days I very much enjoyed the a glass of the Silver Mane Block Riesling with my quick dinner of eggs and toast, barbecued steak and potatoes, and tonight’s chicken stew. One of the things I really enjoy is that the flavour seems well defined and lingers just enough to add character to the meal.  

I have been to Harper’s Trail Estate Winery a few times over the years, once as part of a tour through Tastefull Excursions. I recommend anyone coming through the Kamloops region during one of our famously hot summers take advantage of their wine tastings or look for their offerings at a local restaurant.

Mickael Maddison

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November 7th 2022