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Our Favourite Off Leash Dog Parks in Kamloops

Our Favourite Off Leash Dog Parks in Kamloops,

Happy and healthy dogs in Kamloops love nothing more than to exercise and play. Dog trainers, walkers, and owners of healthy dogs look forward to each walk or run, pushing the tempo and the fun for their pet every day. Some homeowners are blessed to have a lot of room to use for tiring out a furry friend, but many don’t. What about when your pet needs to socialize or have a change of scenery? And what about those travelling through Kamloops, in need of a break? Off leash dog parks are a solution to all of those problems. They can keep your canine friend active and energetic while providing tons of space to move.

Here are 4 of our favourite off leash dog parks in Kamloops!

Pioneer Park Beach

Pioneer Park is one of the only public beaches in Kamloops that operates as an off leash dog park. Here, dogs are allowed off leash to run in the sun and surf. The South Thompson River brushes up on the banks here, leaving lots of room to splash and cool off for dogs and their owners. This park is just a short walk from downtown but can be very busy during the heat of the summer. Pioneer Park has a lot of room to throw a ball or frisbee around as well, so go get that puppy airborne and exercised!

Kenna Cartwright Nature Park

Kenna Cartwright Nature Park boasts almost 800 hectares of land and 40kms of various difficulty hiking trails. The many panoramic views of Kamloops that this park provides is worth a visit alone. Picnic and rest areas dot the trails. While the park caters to on-foot hikers and mountain bikes, dogs are allowed off-leash to roam this beautiful treasured walking experience. Pack a lunch!

Lac Du Bois Grasslands Park

Estimated at a gigantic 15,712 hectares, the Lac Du Bois Grasslands is one of the most extensive publicly accessible protected grasslands in North America. This park hides away some of the most beautiful and exclusive camping and hiking spots in British Columbia. From hidden waterfalls and secret ponds to forests and canyons, most examples of outdoor beauty can be found in these Grasslands. The entire park is an off leash dog friendly area, but please keep in mind this is rugged outdoor country and as such has some important things to remember. Please keep the safety of you and your pet in mind whenever you’re exploring this outdoor jewel. Bears and many other types of wildlife make their homes in this area so keep your eyes, nose and ears open! Of course that’s the best way to see, smell and hear all that Lac Du Bois has to offer.

Overlander Park Beach

Nestled at the tip of Kamloops’ North Shore, Overlander Park Beach sits waiting on the Rivers Trail that surrounds the northern banks of the Thompson Rivers. This beach is an off leash dog park haven and, especially when the river is low, has a lot of running room for your pup! Overlander Park Beach has a great view of where the South and North Thompson Rivers combine into one. This beach caters well to many sports as well, with lots of sand area to have fun on. Come down to the biggest beach in the Kamloops core and let your dog run free!

Keeping your dog healthy and happy requires a lot of exercise. You’ve got this! You’re dedicated to helping you keep your dog in shape and happy, and Kamloops is a great place to do that. If you’re travelling through Kamloops and need a safe, friendly off leash dog park, head over to one of these!

Please ensure you observe Kamloops off leash dog park ettiquette to maintain the comfort and safety of all park visitors - including many who may be frightened by and uncomfortable with even the friendliest of dogs.

Looking for even more options? Talk to a local dog trainer or dog kennel operator!

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October 6th 2022