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Cold Weather Dog Breeds Comfortable with a Kamloops Winter

Cold Weather Dog Breeds Comfortable with a Kamloops Winter,

Kamloops is an incredible place to live. With endless outdoor opportunities and a vibrant community, it’s hard not to get involved. Something that many Kamloops residents have in common is a love for dogs. Canine companions are common in Kamloops. Having one helps many people here connect with new friends, and with the outdoors. Some dogs enjoy swimming, while others enjoy running around and digging. Some breeds have developed the ability to withstand some of the harshest winters with relative ease, while others are more suited to a warm climate. In Kamloops, winter lows are typically quite mild, with the temperature dropping to -15 to -5 degrees celsius (5F to 23F). However, the temperature occasionally drops even colder.

When winter approaches each year, it’s normal to wonder how your breed of dog will handle winter. Here are a few breeds that can easily handle a Kamloops winter.

Siberian Husky

This dog originally came from Northeast Asia. The Siberian Husky is commonly used for dog sledding, which is proof they are very well adapted to cold weather. They enjoy a lot of exercise to be happy physically and mentally. Even though huskies have been reported to withstand temperatures as low as -59C (-75F),you shouldn't expect your husky to be overly comfortable in such cold temperatures. Many suggest that they are most naturally adapted to temperatures between -25C and +15C (-13F to 59F) - the typical temperature range of Siberia. Kamloops winter weather fits within this range, so huskies should be very comfortable in our winters!


The Akita is another cold-weather dog that originated from eastern Asia. They come from the cold, rugged, mountainous Akita prefecture on the Japanese island of Honshu. So it will come as no surprise to learn that the Akita adores cold weather and loves to play outside in the snow. The Japanese Akita is a fluffy and courageous dog that is famously loyal to its owners. They have a very dense double-layered coat to help them retain body heat even in the harshest conditions. A Kamloops winter is no problem for these fluffy friends!

Saint Bernard

The Saint Bernard originated in the Swiss alps, where they were originally used to locate and rescue freezing travellers during snowstorms. Adult Saint Bernards do well being outdoors when the weather is at or just below the freezing point. Since they are acclimated to life in cold and snowy regions.  The Saint Bernard is known for being a gentle giant who is historically familiar with harsh winters, much harsher than any found here.

Bernese Mountain Dog

As the name suggests this breed came from snowy, mountainous regions which experience cold weather all year round. In general, adult Bernese Mountain dogs are quite comfortable in cold weather. However, if temperatures drop below 0 degrees Celcius (32F),you should keep your dog active but out of the cold. This breed actually enjoys obedience training, since they like participating in mental-based exercises. Their paws are especially sturdy to withstand freezing floors, while their double-layered coat repels moisture and insulates heat. With some restrictions, a Bernese Mountain dog should be fine in Kamloops during the winter!

Newfoundland Dog

Newfoundland Dogs, or Newfies for short, are large working dogs who are full of friendliness and protectiveness towards their owners. They are as big as they are sweet. That’s why Newfies are known for being calm and patient. Newfies were originally bred to pull nets and haul wood in North America. Their heavy coats protect them from the icy water and cold weather, making them the ideal Canadian dog. Keep in mind that they shed a lot of hair.

Chow Chow

Did you know that the chow chow is more adapted to cold weather than most cats? Their unique black tongues and thick, woolly coats mean they are very comfortable in frigid conditions. Their origin is unknown but it is thought that they have been around for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. The Chow Chow is known for being a devoted and protective member of the family.One Siberian Husky snuggling with another Compared to other breeds, they tend to be very independent and set in their ways. It should be noted that the Chow Chow does not respond to forceful disciplinary methods. Overall, they are calm and alert house dogs that require daily, but not overly vigorous exercise. And with coats similar to other dogs mentioned here, Chow Chows will easily handle a Kamloops winter.

Even dogs that are built for cold weather can get frostbite and hypothermia, so make sure to keep an eye on them during extreme weather conditions. Anything at -20C degrees (-4F) or lower can be potentially life-threateningly cold for your canine companion. Below these temperatures, your dog need to keep moving to keep warm!

Dogs that are suited to cold weather are often high energy breeds. If you need help training your pet, look for one of the many great dog trainers in Kamloops!

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January 17th 2023