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How Diamond Cut Affects Diamond Quality

How Diamond Cut Affects Diamond Quality,

Jewellery workshops throughout Chilliwack believe in providing superior craftsmanship in everything they do. Jewellers in many of these shops are committed to creating unique jewellery, providing quality repair services, and sharing their knowledge – often under the careful guidance of master goldsmiths.

Goldsmiths at Chilliwack jewellery workshops are often passionate about jewellery of all kinds, but some admit to holding a special place in their heart for the sparkle that only a diamond can produce. Knowing the different types of diamond cuts available and the benefits/popularity of each may help you make the right choice when searching for the perfect gem or piece of jewellery.

To be clear, diamond cut has nothing to do with a diamond’s shape – it’s all about how it reflects light. Cutting a stone with good proportions, symmetry and polish will allow for light to pass through and shine more brilliantly. Since the cut is key to a brilliant and sparkly diamond, it is possibly the number one factor in determining diamond quality and it has the biggest impact on its beauty.

When evaluating cut, diamond graders in Chilliwack are looking for:
Brightness – The brightness created by internal and external white light reflecting through a diamond.

Fire – The flashes of different colours throughout the stone (like a rainbow).

Scintillation – The amount of sparkle a diamond gives off, and the light and dark areas caused by reflections when the diamond is being moved.

Analyzing all of these factors helps determine how valuable a diamond is. The scale goes from Excellent to Poor with three steps in between. An Excellent rating is given when a diamond reflects nearly all the light that enters, providing spectacular fire, brilliance and sparkle. Stepping down to a Poor rating finds a diamond lacking in fire, brightness or scintillation that is much more dull than a higher rated diamond. No matter your budget, try to avoid diamonds with Poor grade cuts. They will always appear dull even if they have high ratings in other areas. If you’re on a budget, you can find a better value by choosing diamonds with lower grades on the colour or clarity scales, but sticking to a diamond with an Excellent or Very Good cut.

Diamond shape is also a factor in cuts. Round diamonds will sparkle with magnificence if you choose a Very Good grade. The Round Brilliant Cut has withstood the test of time and remains the most popular type of diamond shape. Fancy shaped diamonds, such as princess (a popular choice for engagement rings) and oval (which provides a unique look that still has sparkle) to name a couple, will still provide sparkle in a Fair – Good rated cut.  

Cut is only one of the factors you should consider when shopping for the perfect diamond. Ask a jeweller at any Chilliwack jewellery workshop to explain these factors and they will be happy to help! Their advice may help you narrow down your choices.

To see exquisite examples of different diamond cuts, visit any jewellery workshops in Chilliwack. They will have the knowledge and passion to help you decide on the perfect choice of diamond!

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September 26th 2022