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Ducted vs Ductless Heating with Heat Pumps

Ducted vs Ductless Heating with Heat Pumps,

Throughout BC, you can find heat pump installation companies that focus on installing and maintaining the best heat pump systems in homes. They typically offer only the finest quality equipment – some focusing on one brand and some on another – and following BC code standards. In this article we want to explain why some businesses only install ductless heat pumps – rather than ducted.

Just like with different cars, trucks, shoes, clothes, with heat pumps you have various types that are for one purpose or another. There ar also different levels of quality in the heat pump you purchase. Some are just of better quality than others – each has its place in the market. But a heat pump is unique to cars and clothes because it affects your living area and is going to be around for a really long time! Most homes are peoples' largest investment. It’s where they live their lives. It’s their home! They have their favourite chairs, TV’s, and comfortable, customized areas to enjoy life. Shouldn’t it also provide the most comfortable environment?  I believe it should!!! So the choice of a heat pump manufacturer and type is important!

Ducted systems are usually only found in North America.  Of course, compared to the rest of the world, North America has always had very inexpensive energy! So when energy was considerably less expensive than it is today, who cared whether we lost 20 to 40% of all the heat we bought and paid for with after tax dollars, in the duct work via conduction or leakage? (Do a Google search for "heat loss via air duct" for even more information on this!) As energy costs escalated so did a desire for less costly heat. The problem, however, is that even with cheaper fuel and more efficient furnaces that 20-40% of the heat is still being lost through the house's duct work! If we're trying to save money and efficiently heat a house, then it doesn't make much sense to blow warm air through freezing cold metal ducting. In a big house the air will be cold by the time it reaches its destination!

Ductless heat pumps address both having less costly fuel and having efficient equipment. Instead of ducting warm air through long, cold metal ducting and hoping the air is still warm when it comes out of your vents, they take heat out of the outside air – even at very low temperatures – and pump that heat directly into individual rooms. With soft start compressors and variable speed components, operating costs are low! They are a win/win product in a number of areas!

Heat pump installers throughout BC typically see so much benefit to heat pumps that they install their preferred pump in their own home! They're great, and so quiet and inexpensive to operate that many think everyone should have one! Most of the world uses this ductless, heat pump method of heating and cooling! Why? It is efficient and economical!

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July 21st 2022