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Why Buy or Rent a Satellite Phone?

Why Buy or Rent a Satellite Phone?,

In Vancouver and throughout BC, satellite phone providers provide data and telecommunication services and products that provide truly global connectivity on every inch of the earth's surface. Many are excited to provide their expertise and equipment in global satellite technology to small and large operations around the world. This includes offering sales and rental of portable satellite phones, portable data/marine devices, and fixed site VSat that ensure connectivity even in remote locations. High speed broadband and internet services in remote locations provide real value and commercial advantage to customers.

Let's Talk About Portable Satellite Phones

For a signal, Portable satellite phones rely on fixed location or orbiting satellites above the earth rather than terrestrial cell towers. For this reason alone, satellite phones can be superior to cellular mobile phones, as the signal is less affected by activity within the earth's atmosphere such as storms.  

In terms of functionality and size, satellite phones are similar to cellular mobile phones and most feature voice calling, text messaging, and some internet. Some have additional capabilities such as WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and map services. Some systems are set up to cover only specific regions, and use of a satellite phone is restricted in some countries. All of these are important considerations depending on one's intended use for the device.  

Satellite phones may come with a high price tag for the initial purchase and costs for calling and data usage, as well as expensive incoming calls. However, roaming cellular phone costs in some countries and from marine vessels may be more prohibitive than satellite phone costs. It is advised to research pricing options with a provider to determine how best to economically use a sat phone. Ultimately, any concerns around expense must be weighed against needs for connectivity from remote locations.

What Are Satellite Phones Used For?

For some companies or individuals operating in remote locations where there is no service from earth-based cell towers, use of portable satellite phones can be a highly reliable telecommunication method.   Below are some of the most common users of satphones.
    • remote mining, logging, energy operations
    • military
    • ocean-going vessels
    • search & rescue/disaster response
    • guide outfitters, hunters, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts entering backcountry

Many companies now feature the Iridium 9575, one tough global satellite handheld phone engineered with numerous features and capabilities that offer its users voice and data coverage anywhere they travel on the earth - over all oceans, through airways and across the Polar Regions! Users of this phone range from small camps to full production mines and remote corporate offices where reliable connectivity is a must.

As people continue to become increasingly mobile and enter remote areas, and costs of purchasing, renting, and using portable satellite phones decrease, more are looking to portable satellite phones for communication and connectivity purposes. If you’re looking for a satellite phone provider in Vancouver or remote places like Northern British Columbia, consider companies that earn the trust of their customers by demonstrating an innovative approach to meeting each individual's or company's overall data and telecommunication needs with a competitive range of pricing and service options. Please contact a satellite phone provider today to find out more about how true connectivity can apply to your lifestyle or business.

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August 4th 2022