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How To Help Yourself, Family, and Friends Work Through Emotional Trauma

How To Help Yourself, Family, and Friends Work Through Emotional Trauma,

Emotional health advocates teach that personal sovereignty is the most important aspect of healing and self-awareness. This is because internal-based change and focus are the keys to thriving. As we work to awaken our own self-awareness surrounding our emotional well-being, we may begin to notice emotional sickness among our family and friends. We may know that we want to help them, but not the best way forward. Here are a few tips on guiding family and friends to help them heal from emotional trauma.

Invite them to connect with an Emotional Health Advocate

Emotional health advocates are trained to support their clients’ emotional health. They take all the tools they have learned in their own process, add all the experience they’ve gained from helping others, and use those to help clients free themselves. These advocates and healers regularly witness how all emotional pain leads to suffering. They recommend finding ways to uncover the root cause of emotional pain and trauma. Only from there can personal patterns of pain and suffering be broken.

Speak to them about Meditation and Mindfulness

Learning how to get rid of the endless chatter within yourself provides great benefits when healing from trauma. You may have experienced those benefits yourself, but not everyone knows of the value of meditation. Guiding friends and family gently towards this place of peace and letting them know there is a place for everyone in mindfulness is vital. Perhaps send them a link to the Talk Radio conversation between Tanis McRae and Angela Ditch, where they discuss building trust in your intuition, responding in the moment, interrupting old looping patterns, and evolving them by being willing to enter into and be present with your own fear patterns.

Become a Healer

Through emotional health workshops and personal support across countries and continents, emotional health advocates recommend awakening your own inner healer. You do this by becoming dedicated to your own self-development and self-awareness. As you self-propel your own healing journey and commit to healing your life, you enable yourself to become an inspiring healer, teacher, and life creator that your friends and family can look to for an example. Embrace your life as it is meant to be lived - beautifully and with purpose.Supportive Friends

Offer your Support

Healing in isolation is hard, but so is asking for help. Let your loved one know that your love is unconditional and that you will support them in their healing process. While it’s true that healing happens from within, connection, support, and love from others helps awaken the self-awareness that is key to an emotionally healthy life.

Congratulations on the work you are doing to heal your inner self and on your willingness to provide support for others healing from emotional trauma. This journey is and will continue to be transformational for you, your friends, and your family. You may find that support needs change as you and your loved ones all grow and heal. If you’re ready, you may want to connect with an emotional health advocate like Tanis McRae.

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November 23rd 2022