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How is Sensitivity a Superpower?

How is Sensitivity a Superpower?,

As intuitives, healers, and emotional wellness advocates in Canada, our mission is to guide you on your journey to become the best version of yourself and ensure you are living your best life on your own terms.

Any emotional wellness advocate will tell you that “sensitivity is a superpower”. You may have heard the term before (The Healing I even ran a course by that name at one time),which we believe is wholly accurate. While today’s society may sometimes seem to view highly sensitive people as fragile or emotionally unstable, we disagree and will explain several ways sensitivity should be viewed as a superpower, not a hardship or something to resist.

Being highly sensitive is not a disorder to be managed. However, it may not be healthy to call yourself highly sensitive when it’s said as a way to avoid dealing with personal mental health. It’s important to have a guide on your journey to avoid mistaking sensitivity, the superpower, with a need for compassionate professional support through a healing process. For that, we encourage anyone to reach out to one of the many incredible counsellors and therapists throughout the country.

When sensitivity is a character trait, and not a result of unhealed trauma, it is a character trait that allows you to feel deeply and to process information differently than others. While defining yourself as “highly sensitive” may not be necessary to help you live your best life, it may help you understand yourself better in relation to those around you who may be wired differently.

Sensitivity Superpowers

Female superhero in red    1. Super Compassionate – Your ability to instantly read people’s moods and the vibe of social situations while being able to respond with empathy, warmth and compassion makes you a great advocate and support person, both in your personal life and as potential career choices, such as therapist, or coach.
    2. Super Creative – Your finely tuned senses (would it be too much to refer to them as Spidey-senses?) allow you to experience life at its fullest and allow your imagination to soar. Sharing that uniquely sharp perspective with the world through your art will enrich the lives of those around you.
    3. Super Leader – Your instincts, natural empathy, and perceptive nature make you a great leader that intuitively knows what people need to thrive. Your ability to slow down and see the whole picture and work towards the greater good over personal gain is another way your sensitive nature makes you a great leader.
    4. Super Self-Aware – Being tuned in to yourself and learning how to recognize your emotional triggers will help you increase your self-awareness and become a master of self-care. Prioritizing your own emotional health will increase your capacity to serve others. Knowing when to remove yourself from highly charged situations will allow you to recharge your superpowers and continue to live your best life, for yourself and those around you.

If you're a highly sensitive person who needs help navigating your personal journey, then find an emotional health and wellness advocate or check out a book like The Healing I’s Talking To Myself, by Tanis McRae.

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February 23rd 2023