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What Is Typically Included on a Charcuterie Board?

What Is Typically Included on a Charcuterie Board?,

Charcuterie boards are proving to be an increasingly popular catering choice. In Kamloops, professional caterers can provide fresh, locally sourced charcuterie boards for your wedding, party, or corporate event. When you decide to include a charcuterie board, you guarantee a fun and unique luxury dining experience for you and your guests.

Kamloops catering companies can cater to a selection of boards for all party sizes and any dietary needs. If you are looking for an incredible selection of food which is a delight to look at, to assemble, and to eat, you will find it in awe-inspiring, personally curated charcuterie boards.

Kamloops catering services cover many aspects of professional dining but you may be wondering what is included in a sharing platter. Here we explain what you might typically find on a charcuterie board:

The Origin of Charcuterie

(pronounced “shar-Kyu-tuh-ree”)

The term was originally intended to refer to the art of preparing and assembling cured meats before refrigeration technology was available. The word was first popularized in the 15th century to describe french storefronts that sold meat products. Today, when people say “charcuterie”, they are referring to meat and cheese appetizers served on a wooden board or stone slab.

What Is Included in a Charcuterie Board?

The key elements of a charcuterie board are meats, cheeses, savoury snacks, sweet accompaniments, and crackers.


The meat is the most important part of your charcuterie spread. It is essential to include a variety of quality cooked or cured sliced meats for your guests to enjoy. You can lay them flat, fold them gently, or arrange them in loose rolls so they’re easier to pick up. Some boards opt for a combination of thinly sliced meats such as spiced salami, capicola, and prosciutto. You can also include some dry-cured harder meats, like chorizo or other smoked sausages.

Hard and Soft Cheeses

Some charcuterie boards choose to feature cheese as the main event, but typically it’s featured alongside or as a secondary feature to the meats. For smaller boards, you might select two types of cheese, but if you are catering to a larger party, you might choose to feature up to 4 or 6 different kinds of cheese. These can range from firm to semi-firm and softer varieties.

If you do choose to serve a very soft cheese, then you might choose to include a cheese knife to increase the overall visual appeal and practicality of your charcuterie spread.

Fruit and Vegetables

Fresh fruit and veggies grown locally in Kamloops  add a splash of colour and freshness to any charcuterie. A cluster of grapes and a few slices of pear or apple add variety to the palette of your charcuterie board. When planning your board, consider foods that can be eaten whole or chopped into slices or sticks for convenience.

Jelly, Jams, Dips and Spreads

Whether you opt for sweet or savoury spreads you will find jellies, jams, dips, and spreads are a popular addition to your charcuterie board. Savoury dips and spreads include hummus, whole-ground mustard, dressings and balsamic dips. For a sweeter pallette, orange marmalade, honey, berry jams and jellies or even fig butter are common choices.

There is no limit to the accompaniments you can choose to compliment your charcuterie board.

Crackers or Small Slices of Bread

Charcuterie boards often feature  a variety of crackers, breadsticks, or even mini sliced baguettes and smaller toasts. They can be used as a base layer for your appetizers to pair with other elements.

What To Use as a Base for My Charcuterie Board?

This is a great opportunity to get creative with your charcuterie arrangement. To make an event even more memorable, opt for an artistic option like an entire canoe as a charcuterie board. You migh also use an extra large Lazy Susan as a fun and classic spin on a party favourite. Kamloops caterers are often willing to get creative, so feel free to brainstorm some ideas!

If a classic and traditional charcuterie board is more your style, you might use a large wooden serving board with huge round handles. Or, peruse your local antique shops for serving plates, little spoons, and serving utensils.

To get a charcuterie board at your wedding or event, contact a Kamloops catering company today!

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December 2nd 2022